Sunday, July 15, 2007

2 New Pieces

Pretty soon Cheen will be leaving SL for Europe for a couple of weeks but first these two new pieces had to debut. Morris of Oyster, in his usual fashion took the bull by the horn, hahaha, and we had an impromptu placing and opening, NEPTUNE and BULLRIDER can be seen at Oyster Bay just voted the second most popular gallery in SL. Way to go Morris.


Anonymous said...

Don't tell me you are watching the rodeo highlites before bedtime. Take it from me it'll give you bad dreams.

Anonymous said...

PS Have fun in Europe. Find a computer and update. I expect to see your pocket being picked, forests down and wierd porno.

Anonymous said...

you are amazing cheen - im a big fan...can't wait to see what is next....perhaps europe will offer some new inspiration.