Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Who'd'a thunk it

Imagine my surprise when I logged on today to find the turmoil surrounding the censoring of my Burning Life installation. There were IMs up the wazzoo (o can I say that here?) and at the plot there was a party going on... what a hoot. Well then I was asked to move the piece, which is fine by me and .... damn .... I knew I should have waited till things calmed down and there was less action, all those dancing avatars lagging along jerkily .... anyway I joked with the crowd had a count down and then poofed the woman sculpture into my inventory when... wham, kabang... things started disappearing right and left... hahahaha... the shower, the puddle.... my sword ended up in my lost and found but nothing else... o o

anyway this is what is left,hahahah

we shall rebuild... never fear brave warriors ... we can rebuild.. bigger,better and bolder

o.. the top picture is me looking forlornly at my old plot, looking in vain for my lost prims

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