Wednesday, November 7, 2007

First Nations Dancers Series - first look

As many folks of european descent I have been fascinated by American First Nations spirituality and art, even moreso when I came to live on the coast of British Columbia and saw for myself the incredible carvings both ancient and modern created by the many coastal tribes. The logo for my Peacefools Galleries shows one of my RL carvings greatly influenced by the forms and lines of the rainforest artists.

In this tableau, just installed at Oyster Bay. I present 3 dancers in somewhat fanciful masks and hand adornments representing the sky - Eagle Dancer, the earth - Bear Dancer and the sea - Orca Dancer. The beautiful geometric lines that prims afford seem to me to blend magnificently with the simple graphic shapes that echo this amazing style of art called Coastal First Nation.

If you have not stood at the base of an ancient "totem" pole that is covered with lichen and moss with mighty cedars towering around you, and the sound of the forest playing its symphony .... I heartily recommend it.


Princess Ivory said...

I happened to stumble across these earlier today before you posted this. The sun was setting, and all was mostly dark. Watching them dance in the shadows around the fire in the darkness was an incredible experience - definitely the way to view them! Thank you Cheen, for another beautiful moment in my Second Life. I really needed one today, and you and Oyster Bay never disappoint!

Anonymous said...

Always blown away by the conjugation between technology and science and nature in all of your creations.