Tuesday, January 22, 2008

DeLodi Farewell

Since the early days of Cheen I have been lucky to be associated with my patron Cezary Fish who, in exchange for custom sculptures of intriguing projects, has allowed me to keep my studio in his DeLodi sim. Ah, but the good times are at an end and with sadness I learn he has let go of the sim and returned it to the Linden domain. No longer can I build there but the memories remain of many hours spent jamming and ramming prims in the solitude of a quiet sim. Now the studio stands alone, squatting till the next owner deletes it ...... fitting for a hobo sculptor such as Cheen, don't you think. Cezary, thanks again for your support and kindness.


Miguel The Powerful said...

Hi Cheen
Enjoyed your Art
Talk soon

FD Spark said...

Forgot to mention when you posted this that I was very flattered that you showed my art at Delodi.
Hopefully you've got new location that serves you well.