Wednesday, February 20, 2008

sadly Oyster Bay closes

After months of wonderful sculptural magnificence courtesy of Morris Vig the need for energy has taken over and these windmills will provide much needed mind and soul refreshment.
Morris, you are one of a kind, much luck and success in your future.

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Princess Ivory said...

Oooh - are those the wind turbines that react to changing wind conditions in SL using the Havok engine? I've seen those once before. They are very cool. The one I saw also had a visitor counter in it, which is somewhat unique.

Now, how do we hook those turbines up to generate some power for the server, and therefore reduce Morris's tier payments?!

(Sorry to see you lose your primary display place, Cheen. I picked up a few of the Gymnasts for my private collection. Let me know if you end up with another exhibition space.)

/me feels the need to buy a sim......

Princess Ivory